Heather’s Priorities

Heather is focused on improving the daily lives of everyone in Senate District 36 and across Minnesota.

Strong Economy

An economy that works for some and not for all is insufficient. I want to enact responsible tax cuts to put money back in the pockets of families, seniors, and small businesses while protecting Minnesota’s economic stability. We must also lower the costs of goods and services to help you keep more of your hard-earned paycheck. 

Job training and retention programs can create the skilled workforce our businesses need, while affordable childcare and high-quality early education options can support working families to succeed in their careers.

World-Class Schools

My mission is to provide every kid in Minnesota with the best education possible. To do so, we must support our currently underfunded public school system. With more than $9 billion in surplus revenue, Minnesota has the resources to do this across the state.

My experience as a public school teacher will guide my decisions in the Senate. I can advocate for students and families in a way others cannot.  I will fight for early education programs, fully funding special education, robust mental health access for students and educators, small class sizes, and more critical resources inside and outside of the classroom that will help our students learn and thrive.

Safe Communities

Public safety is the foundation of a good community. It requires the appropriate resources and funding. It also requires we reevaluate our current efforts and work together to protect and serve our communities. 

Prevention efforts that disrupt criminal activity and stop violence should be implemented alongside law enforcement. Our policing policies should be accountable to the communities they serve. We don’t need to live in a world of either/or. We should live in a world of yes, and.

Protection from Government Overreach

Minnesotans know best what is right for them and their families. The government should not be involved in private decisions about what we do with our bodies, who we love, how we raise our children, or how we vote. 

The government has an important role to play in creating the space to live as we desire. It does not, however, have a place in our most intimate decisions. I will protect individual choice and work to keep the law out of places it does not belong.

Racial Justice

I am committed to working with people of color to address systems and policies that discriminate against individuals based on the color of their skin. I will fight to make sure our community is a place where everyone feels respected, valued, and welcomed.

Environmental Protection

I will work to protect and restore our water, farmland, and resources while strengthening our economy through green jobs.

Legalizing Cannabis

I will work to regulate recreational marijuana in the same manner alcohol, tobacco, and sports gambling is regulated, and I will work to expunge related criminal records. Legalization will bring in new tax revenue, reduce law enforcement costs, and create new jobs.


I will work to eliminate barriers to affordable housing and increase funding for mental health services for veterans.

LGBTQ+ Justice

I will work to reduce discrimination in our laws and create a more inclusive community for LGBTQ+ Minnesotans.


I will work to expand healthcare coverage to Minnesotans of all income levels.

Workers’ Rights

I will collaborate with labor groups and workers to advocate for change and raise everyone’s standard of living.