Part of Our Community

Part Of Our Community

Heather has lived in Vadnais Heights for nine years. As an active member in our community, Heather believes our leaders should be active in the community, treat all voices with respect, and be an advocate for our city's resources.

Elected leaders have a responsibility to serve their community,  not use it as a personal platform or advantage. Many of our local government officials use their business backgrounds as experience necessary for office.  However, fiscally irresponsible decisions have been made with this specific experience.  Leaders in our community should put our neighbors first and their personal business interests last.  It's time for a new way forward.

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United By A Common Goal

Vadnais Heights is a warm and vibrant community.  When we work together, we can keep our community strong.  Your voice should be front and center in our community.  The job of your mayor and city council is to listen to you and represent our collective values.  

Priorities for Vadnais Heights

  • Pro-homeowner
  • Supportive involvement in our large and small businesses
  • Fiscal responsibility with our city's budget; respect for taxpayers
  • Full support of all first-responders and military families
  • Defender of opportunities for all residents
  • Community-minded expansions
  • Advocate for our environment and fierce protector of our beautiful parks and lakes
  • Promote equality and community-building
  • Grow our local economy with responsible choices that puts community first
  • Support for our strong local school systems


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