Heather Gustafson

For Minnesota State Senate

Working with you to build a brighter future for us

From White Bear Lake to Lino Lakes, I will listen to you, show up when and where I am needed, and strive to heal what divides us with practical actions that improve educational opportunities, bring well paying jobs, and create thriving communities across Senate District 36.


Great Schools

As a teacher, my priority is to advocate for our students, our support staff, and our educators. We must use our state’s resources so schools can offer everything necessary including robust mental health access, responsible student to staff ratios, and fully funded special education.

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Government Overreach

Minnesotans deserve to make their own life decisions. About what they do with their bodies, who they love, how they raise their families, and if they can access the ballot box. I will fight against any laws and bills that aim to take these choices away from the individual.

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Safe Communities

As the grandchild of a state trooper, I am keenly aware of the importance of law enforcement. I also know we can do better to protect and serve Minnesotans. We must use proven strategies beyond policing to disrupt criminal activity and stop violence. Policies should be accountable to the communities they serve.

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Get Involved

We welcome all volunteers interested in making a difference. Everyone has different schedules, interests, and comfort levels, we have a role for everyone and need your help.